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Beware of the Home Inspector who Refuses to Show You a Sample of His Home Inspection Report...

Not all home inspections conducted in Georgia and Alabama are created equal... and before making the final decision to hire your chosen inspector, make sure you grab a copy of their home inspection report first! This is NOT the time to have a poor quality inspection conducted on one of the largest investments of your life.

Comparing inspection reports with other inspectors in the area, will allow you to at least know what you can expect for your time and money. A quality, thorough, and experienced home inspector could potentially prevent you from purchasing a nightmare full of expenses and many repairs!

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The top home inspectors in today’s business do not produce handwritten reports. A professional inspector will provide you with a combination of a checklist and a narrative report. Technology has evolved where you should expect to receive a full report, one with digital photographs of the issues discovered during the course of the inspection within 24 hours of when the inspection was conducted. Why not on-site? It's simple, a lot of time should go into producing the report and sometimes additional research may be required. We will not compromise the quality of the report just to give it to you fast. Anyway if you are present at the inspection, which we recommend you will know what will be in the report when the inspections finished.

Your inspection report should also provide you with a “Summary Page” with specific recommendations for repairs. However, the report should not contain repair costs or action plans for repairs. Professional home inspectors inspect -- they don’t repair! An inspector that makes repairs should always be avoided due to the conflict of interest inherent in that situation.

Grab a copy of our inspection report so you'll have something to compare with other inspectors. As mentioned earlier... you don't want a poor quality inspection being conducted on one of the largest investments of your life.

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